How to Differentiate and Win More Clients in Today’s Over Crowded World

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Why is it important to be different?

Many of our new clients encounter a typical problem.

The continuously ask themselves, How do I attract new customers when there are many other companies that are providing similar services to mine?

This is a serious issue because lack of differentiation translates to lack of added value and lower profit margins.

How can you charge more than the average business in your field if your service is similar to theirs?

You probably can’t and when you try to compete by lowering your price, your profit margin suffers.

You can still move ahead by being a resourceful marketer and getting more clients, but it will still be an uphill battle. With low profit margins, you will always be limited in what you can do to grow and improve your business.

The solution for this problem is that you will have to stand out.

In this article we’ll discuss 3 ways that you can use to stand out:

  1. Target a narrow niche
  2. Celebrate your uniqueness
  3. Show that you care about your work and the people that you serve

You don’t need all the clients – just the ones that are ideal for your business

One mistake that many make when developing their marketing strategy is that they try to appeal to a very broad market. This approach may work for a large company that already holds a substantial part of the market, but not for a small company or a start-up.

By trying to attract “everyone” you will not be attractive enough to those who can be your best clients. Your marketing message will diffuse and won’t impact your ideal potential clients.

One of the best things to do at this stage is to identify your ideal client. Write down a list of common characteristics that these clients share.

Your ideal client should be one:

  • that you’ll most enjoy working with
  • to whom you can add a lot of value
  • that will be happy to pay for your services enough to make your business profitable

How do you connect to this client?

Celebrate your uniqueness

What is unique about you or your business?

The answer to this question is the key to connecting with your ideal clients.

Before anything else, your clients are people, and people like to connect with real people that they like and trust. By showing that you are unique, you show that you are human.

What are you especially good at? What parts of your work do you especially enjoy? What do your clients compliment you on?

Use every interaction with current or potential clients to show these strengths.

What would you do if you absolutely loved your job?

A third way to stand out is to show that you care about your business and your clients. You can do this by showing how much you enjoy what you do.

A good way to do this is by sharing information that shows that you are fully engaged and enjoy your work.

Social media is great for this.

Ask yourself:

How would I use social media if I were enjoying my work so much that I couldn’t fall asleep at night because I couldn’t wait to wake up the next morning and run to do my work?

You would probably share some content that shows the fun parts of your job.

Maybe you would share videos that feature your happy clients describing how you helped them and how happy they are that you did.

You might also post interesting blog posts that reflect the deep knowledge that you’ve gained while serving your clients and show that you are eager to learn everything that can be useful for them.

Maybe you take interesting pictures or create useful infographics and post them on different platforms.

All these activities show that you enjoy and care about what you do and about the people that you serve.


Small and growing companies have to differentiate themselves in order to attract the right clients and stay profitable.

One of the easiest ways to do this is by standing out. You can use internet platforms, including social media to target a narrow niche, celebrate your uniqueness and show that you care about your work and the people that you serve. Your enthusiasm will be contagious and your potential clients will want to join the celebration.

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